Our History

Fed n Watered is an independent cafe and was opened in 2015 and since August 2017 has been under new ownership.

Once you have visited Fed n Watered you will realise that it is quite unlike any other café in town, and is fiercely proud of its local, independent roots. We have our own ethos which we willingly and faithfully adhere to and we don’t have layers of corporate procedures dictating what we do. If we like it and it fits in with our principles, then we will get involved, and we don’t have to wait for head office to OK it.

Our Facilities

Throughout Fed n Watered you will see evidence of our commitment to the local community.

We have a childrens play area with chalk boards and building blocks and we have plenty of spave between the tables for prams or wheel chairs. We are also proud to have disabled toilets and a nappy changing area.

At Fed N Watered we are also licensed to sell bottled beer and wine. Our premises and services can also be hired for meetings.

Furthermore, we want to welcome you, our local community, into our own little community, so we are offering free Wi-Fi and free wireless charging points, and we have a dedicated pram park for mothers and babies. We recognise that parents need to get out of the house and when they do they need to know that certain facilities are available to them. Many organisations keep quiet about such facilities, but we are proud to welcome mothers and babies with a changing area, and an area to warm a baby’s milk and food, so that you can relax in the knowledge that your baby’s critical needs are catered for.

Our Commitment to Fair Pricing and Reducing Waste Products

We love food but we hate waste. It is estimated that we throw away around seven million tonnes of food and drink every year, most of which is perfectly OK to be eaten. This costs around £12.5 billion a year, not to mention the ongoing tragedy of the people in need who could eat that food but instead have to go without, and of course the environmental impact of mountains of waste goods.

One of our proudest and most prominent principles is our commitment to reducing food waste and also helping our local community. Going one step further, any of those products already reduced in price but remaining unsold at the close of business, will be donated to local homeless charities.

Our Future Plans

We have already grown very quickly but we are never going to rest on our laurels. We are always looking at new ideas, new sources for our ingredients and new recipes and techniques. Our dedication to giving our customers the very best at affordable prices means we can’t afford to stand still.